Java Robotics and Intelligence Research Centre 

The Java Robotics and Intelligent Systems Research Centre operates under the Java Institute and it was established in order to generate knowledge by discovering unengaged areas in technology, preserve and disseminate newly discovered knowledge, and research and develop intelligent mechatronic solutions to usher in a more convenient and productive life for humankind.


The JRIRC seeks to continuously aid and encourage aspiring and talented researchers to conduct their researches in a fully-equipped environment.

The research studies carried out at the JRIRC revolve around projects that include hardware and electronic equipment prototyping, software based electronic controlling systems, and mechanical prototypes with electronic automation for Artificial Intelligence systems.

Furthermore, the JRIRC also acts as an Institute where Software Engineering Graduates and Electronic Engineering Graduates can conveniently pursue their higher education and garner access to all of the latest facilities and equipment in the world.

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Web Technology and

Software Engineering Research Centre

WTRC is the one and only Research Centre in Sri Lanka that provides all the facilities necessary to conduct any research in the field of Software Engineering and it operates under the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. The primary purpose of this Research Centre is to conduct research activities and other associated activities of Software Engineering and related fields, including Web Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Databases, Data Mining, and Auto Code Generation.

WTRC aims to produce software solutions that will successfully overcome the pressing problems and challenges of the nation and the global society.

WTRC also facilitates the Software engineering students of the Institute to pursue their higher studies as Research Engineers.

The research center is at present engaged in several high-profile projects including the National Healthcare System of Sri Lanka and the National School Management System of Sri Lanka.

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Brain Technology and

Neuroscience Research Centre

We are very proud to have a state- of-the-art, fully equipped, and ultra-modern research laboratory dedicated to scientific research in Brain Technology and Neuroscience at the Faculty of Creative Studies of the Java Institute. Breakthrough innovations make Neuroscience one of the most exciting areas of modern day research. Neuroscience has enormous potential for scientific advancement and for the improved health and well-being of people around the globe.


At this research centre, utilising the latest technology available today, we carry out mainstream research in collaboration with scientists worldwide in many areas including the study of different neurocognitive models, electrophysiological and neuroimaging assessment strategies, cognitive causes and consequences of controlling brain activity.

Our goal is to increase scientific awareness and understanding among our students and the entire society as we believe that a high-quality scientific education pertaining to all the aspects of the brain and the mind provides people with the tools they require to succeed as individuals and enjoy healthy lives.

Our Public Education and Outreach Programme is targeted to popularise Neuroscience among school children and the general public in order to make the brain more accessible and fun rather than mysterious and distant.

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