Bluetooth Racing Car

This project aims to provide information regarding how a Bluetooth communication can be secured between a machine and a user, and most significantly why it works.

This robot focuses on a Bluetooth Communication that was established between the Intelligible mechanism and a private laptop. This specific style and implementation would work with most two-wheeled differential robots that have a serial port accessible on their main boards and may run in an exceedingly package platform.

The main purpose of this project is to develop a foreign computer program to manage a robot via a wireless technology. There’s a requirement to speak with the robot remotely in order to manage the car movements and pass vital information each ways in which this IR

Controls isn't adequate.

As a result of the car doesn't have associate IR transmitter however solely receiver, which means that the communication is a technique. The IR communication works solely inline of direct sight and any objects within the manner can impede the communication. Bluetooth communication can be changed in order to manage the car up to a hundred meters without the requirement for direct sight which suggests that the car may well be situated behind a wall or another object and therefore the communication wouldn't be lost. This system can upset the fundamental car movement functions, additionally as user interface, Bluetooth communication, serial RS232 communication between the car and therefore the

Bluetooth module.

The following items were used in the fabrication of this robot:

  • Bluetooth Module

  • Jumper Wires

  • USB cable

  • Arduino

  • AA batteries

  • Arduino IDE

  • Smart Motor Robot Car Battery Box Chassis Kit.

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