Advanced Line Following Robot

This particular robotic device of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology was developed using the ATMega328 IC and IR sensors were installed in order to allow the robot to identify its movement pathway.

IR sensors also allow the robot to commence its movement as well as identify and navigate through various types of corners. The Advanced Line-Following Robot can easily move as well as turn and travel in various angles and directions. The IR sensors basically identify the pathway in which the robot should travel and then sends the signal or command to the DC motors belonging to the robot.

Furthermore, the Advanced Line-Following Robot will travel by identifying black and white-coloured objects and the pathway is drawn in black on a white-coloured background. The IR sensors have been fixed on the two wheels of the robot and the LED bulbs on the IR sensors allow the identification of white and black colours. Moreover, whenever the colour black is found, the sensor will be switched off and this leads to the discontinuation of the turning action of the wheels of the robot. When the colour white is found, the sensor turns on and this makes the wheels of the robot to start turning.

All the IC programming involved in developing this robot was accomplished via the Arduino programming language. A 6V rechargeable battery was used to power the robotic device while the IR sensors are powered by a 9V rechargeable battery. The Advanced Line-Following Robot can be used in a number of different industries and fields, including in production lines.

Using such robotic devices allows a higher work productivity and efficiency rate. Furthermore, the Advanced Line-Following Robot can also be used in other areas such as in business organisations and medical institutions. Additionally, a developed version of this robot can be used in production activities and bring about high rates of effectiveness.

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