The vision of the Java Institute is to “Become the National Leader in Research-Based Higher Education” and to achieve its ultimate desire to make a significant input to develop the “Intellectual Capital” for Sri Lanka as well as for the global village. With over fifteen years of experience in researching and operating as an education institute in Software Engineering, currently the Java Institute operates its faculty of Software Engineering which has the ability to develop and deliver Undergraduate and Graduate Level Qualifications. The Java Institute offers Sri Lanka's most advanced Software Engineering qualification in Sri Lanka, which has been carefully designed with the purpose of ensuring that each student is well trained, educated, and thus proficient enough to bridge the knowledge and technological gaps which is required to cater to the modern Software Engineering global industry. 

The Java Institute has a very innovative plan to gradually increase its production of Software  Engineers to 5000 per year, of which 75% will be for the Sri Lankan industry and 25% for the global Industry, by increasing its number of branches to 10 on a one branch per province basis.This Strategic Plan clearly illustrates how the Java Institute will be diversifying its training programs by implementing new faculties and advance its programs from Bachelors to Masters and PhD levels. Furthermore, the Java Institute is planning on starting two new faculties for Business Management (in 2020) and Electronics Engineering (in 2021).Highly sophisticated research centres of the Java Institute, coupled with the constantly evolving academic infrastructure and professional skills development environment that absorbs new knowledge resources swiftly, were established to provide unique, comprehensive, and innovative research-oriented educational environment for our students. I look forward to working with all our stakeholders in order to achieve the targets mentioned in this Strategic Plan and to celebrate our future success.

Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana

PhD(IT), DBA(USA), BSc(Hons.Chem.Sp.), SCJP 



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