The Java Institute for Advanced Technology (JIAT) which was founded in 2005, is the pioneer in introducing Software Engineer graduate programs to Sri Lanka. It is a pioneering training provider of academic as well as professional qualifications pertaining to the discipline of Software Engineering related courses in Sri Lanka. 


The PCJT Software Engineer Qualification in Sri Lanka is a brain child of the Java Institute. All levels of the PCJT Software Engineer Graduate Program offered by Java Institute Sri Lanka have been approved and credit rated by the SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority).

The specialty of the PCJT Software Engineering Degree Program at Java Institute in Sri Lanka consists over 650  credits conforming to EU standards, to complete during the first four years of the program.
Java Institute is the only educational institute that has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 for curriculum design and conduct for software engineering related educational services in Diplomas, Higher Diplomas and graduate courses and thus the Software Engineer qualifications offered by JIAT are the only such quality assured products in Sri Lanka.

JIAT, over the past years, has concentrated its focus on developing an international standard curriculum for the software engineering qualification. The painstakingly developed curriculum has received international recognition and now is accredited by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF). 


To Become the National Leader in Research Based Higher Education.



The Java Institute for Advanced Technology zealously engages in discovering new knowledge, utilising existing knowledge, and disseminating this knowledge in order to usher an innovative new era for the nation and the entire global society by empowering and nurturing its students intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially at the Java Institute and its community through a viable research-based education to produce skilled professionals and intellects who will vehemently make the world a better place for all mankind while achieving sustainable global development. 



We at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology strive to exceed customer expectations by providing world class Software Engineering Educational services. We will spare no effort  to provide incomparable quality  through continual improvement while meeting applicable regulatory and statutory requirements in a focused sustainable business acumen.




Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana

PhD(IT), DBA(USA), BSc(Hons.Chem.Sp.), SCJP 



Java Institute for Advanced Technology


The vision of the Java Institute is to “Become the National Leader in Research-Based Higher Education” and to achieve its ultimate desire to make a significant input to develop the “Intellectual Capital” for Sri Lanka as well as for the global village. With over fifteen years of experience in researching and operating as an education institute in Software Engineering, currently the Java Institute operates its faculty of Software Engineering which has the ability to develop and deliver Undergraduate and Graduate Level Qualifications. The Java Institute offers Sri Lanka's most advanced Software Engineering qualification in Sri Lanka, which has been carefully designed with the purpose of ensuring that each student is well trained, educated, and thus proficient enough to bridge the knowledge and technological gaps which is required to cater to the modern Software Engineering global industry. 

The Java Institute has a very innovative plan to gradually increase its production of Software  Engineers to 5000 per year, of which 75% will be for the Sri Lankan industry and 25% for the global Industry, by increasing its number of branches to 10 on a one branch per province basis.This Strategic Plan clearly illustrates how the Java Institute will be diversifying its training programs by implementing new faculties and advance its programs from Bachelors to Masters and PhD levels. Furthermore, the Java Institute is planning on starting two new faculties for Business Management (in 2020) and Electronics Engineering (in 2021).Highly sophisticated research centres of the Java Institute, coupled with the constantly evolving academic infrastructure and professional skills development environment that absorbs new knowledge resources swiftly, were established to provide unique, comprehensive, and innovative research-oriented educational environment for our students. I look forward to working with all our stakeholders in order to achieve the targets mentioned in this Strategic Plan and to celebrate our future success.




Welcome to the Java Institute for Advanced Technology of Sri Lanka. I am pleased that you are considering studying at the Java Institute, or have an intention of collaborating with us, an institution renowned for research, teaching, training, and learning excellence, with a commitment to successfully overcome the global challenges of the next decade. The Java Institute for Advanced Technology zealously engages in discovering new knowledge, utilising the existing knowledge, and disseminating this knowledge in order to usher an innovative new era for the nation and the entire global society. The qualified and skilled researchers of the Advanced Research Centres of the Java Institute are continuously in touch with the industry in order to be constantly updated with the new technological transformations that occur in the industry frequently.

The Java Institute empowers and nurtures its students intellectually by providing in-depth knowledge and skills for all the undergraduates of all the training programmes of the Institute. The world’s latest training methodologies are being utilised at the Java Institute and this inspires the students to dive into deep levels of knowledge.


The research-based education model that is fully implemented at the Institute greatly assists the students to grasp and clearly comprehend each subject area of their training programmes by delving deep down into each aspect of what they are learning.

Additionally, the graduates of the Java Institute will gain immense social recognition as Industrial Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Technopreneurs when they complete their training programmes. The students of the Java Institute possess the valuable opportunity to obtain both internationally and nationally recognised academic and professional qualifications.

Many of our graduates get attractive employment opportunities even before they qualify and almost all our students secure jobs within a few months after graduating, unless they choose, due to a specific reason, not to enter into formal employment.

Entrepreneurship development is a unique proactive aspect that is pursued successfully at the Java Institute and due to this special programme, undergraduates in different academic streams are empowered to commence their own enterprises as the initial step towards a productive entrepreneurship.


Additionally, the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is dedicated to strengthen its graduates both physically and emotionally by providing an environment that will develop their personalities. The Java Institute and its community offer a diverse range of thrilling extra-curricular activities for the undergraduates during their entire academic life and these activities include sports, meditation, and competitions. The infrastructure of the Java Institute and its community of past pupils, which is known as the “Young Researchers’ Technological Committee” (YRTC), is established in order to nurture our students in a technical environment in a systematic way. The YRTC was established to provide an effective structure that can be used to facilitate a constant exchange of technology between the Java Institute and both the undergraduates and past students of the Java Institute.

Furthermore, the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is renowned for its viable research-based education that produces skilled professionals who will vehemently make the world a better place for all mankind while achieving a sustainable global development.


We encourage you to choose the Java Institute for Advanced Technology for your higher studies and to be a valuable partner so that you will be able to build a successful future and achieve all the aims of your life and thereby aiming to achieve your own vision for your organisation. 

Mr. Bhatiya Tissera



Head of Advanced Technology/Managing Director 

Java Institute for Advanced Technology

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